NCS closes preorders for KOF2K today


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Just an FYI, NCS is closing preorders for KOF2K today:

If you haven't preordered yet, better get moving . . .


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I've already confirmed mine many moons ago, however, this is probably the only chance to get this game at a fair price if you plan to buy the actual Neo Cart version of KOF 2000. Pre-order your copy now, or be forced to wait for a possible DC port!!
You know, I think the Dreamcast is the only system in the current market SNK said they were going to support; matter of fact, I think their supporting the DC was also their way of moving away from neo cd to a more powerful platform. I am surprised to see NCS closing pre orders this early, they must have gotten a deluge of pre orders for the REAL KOF 2000.