I've heard about this at magicbox, does anyone else know about this?
Egad, well, strike one for me there, I dont know of any new hardware, neo geo related or otherwise. What I understood is that the hyper 64 was the latest and greatest neo hardware, and it was discontinued. However, I really dont see the neo fading into oblivion, and a new MVS board would be great.. but arent we talking the need for new AES system here? Or I guess there is always the Super Nova- just get the new MVS board and you set.


oops, double post. this sounds cool, though.

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today forever
jrock, man....
you got a cool name and all but.....

"hyper 64 was the latest and greatest neo hardware..."

i'd like to remind you that when virtua fighter 3 and all them model 3 games
were already out there,
or the system 22
just to name a few


snk released its games running on this
fantastic hyper 64 that were basically
not good enough to compare with a
playstation in terms of graphic

when i first saw samurai 3d
i think i OPENLY wept

and good grief

i also saw beast busters 64.....

* shakes head in disbelief *

i assume SNK lost shitloads of yens
with that 64 project

as a result,
they were bought by aruze

and now aruze will not support the neo

so tell me rock

"hyper 64 was the latest and greatest neo hardware...."

well Fran, please also keep in mind that I am have been out of the scene for about six or seven years, and in the last several months have just now began to learn about what I missed. I only knew that the hyper was the newest hardware, but I have not had the "pleasure" of playing any games on that platform, and to be honest, I am not surprised the system went by the wayside. The neo's cornerstone has always been 2D, and its 2Dness is what has kept my interest in it still going strong. I have to say, judging by what has happened to the neo in the last few years, I really cant say I disagree with your point. Some of the people here on these forums who I have asked about the hyper 64 raved about it left and right, and I will say some of the screens I saw on it seemed impressive at the time; but seeing it in motion is a whole other story, and playing it is what really counts. One thing I respect about you Fran, I have never known you to post anything here that wasnt straight up. SO, is it the "latest" yes, but "greatest", debatable. I can concede that much for sure


today forever
its alright rock

i take off my hat

i really dig....
i mean,the way you replied
i wouldnt be able to do that,
even if i wanted

i'm a bit of a reckless cunt

and 'a dunno why i always end up
"the hng 64 was bollox and shit"

instead of
"hmmm well as far as i'm concerned,
in my humble opinion,i've read with
supreme interest what you had to say,
i've pondered a lot,and hell man!
its not like i completely agree with you,
in fact,if i remember well,
samurai showdown 64 wasnt THAT good,
but i was probably too pissed or whatever
the day i saw it so you might be right after all bla bla bla....."

know what i mean?

damn my education

fancy one,mate?
we're off to the pub


Cheng's Errand Boy
are you crazy fran the hyper rocked!!!!

yes ss 64 1 sucked!!!!! (but ss64 2 warrior rage was a awesome game!) the game made up for it frist one! i still think ss64 1 was ok! but your right it did not stand up to games using higher polgon standers! ( as you know the modle 3 and most sega games where not jamma!, and used a med res montior rgb format montior!) meaning that they where impossable to upgrade! (same with the NAOMI it hard to upgrade unless your using other Naomi software!)My question to you is this, If your are comparing the modle 3 to the hyper (of corse the modle 3 will win due to it higher res using the med-res montiors!) but the question is look at tekken tag! it uses alittle higher polgon rate then the hyper pcb boards did! You got to remember the stander for modle 3 was higher due to the higher res rate they could use! the hyper was designed to meet jamma and stander res rates! (beside sound).so people most understand that the hyper was not designed to run in decaded cabnets (but as a stander for the constist upgrading going on in arcades now a days!) I think it worng to put down the hyper, It was a great system (and was made with the vender in mind) what other arcade board allows (fighting,driving and gun games to run off one main pcb!!!) not to many! It was a well designed board it just a shame snk didnt know how to design on it!
Very interesting post eazy. If I put both together, it appears to me that the system was essentially a failure because SNK did not know how to utilize its full capabilites, and therefore caused SNK to lose buttloads of money and go under. The hardware itself could be a gem in the hands of a good desinger, but in the hands of SNK it sortof became their worst enemy. Again, as someone who is learning, all of your posts have been most helpful in that regard, and if I am missing something, please say so, thanks.


Cheng's Errand Boy
yep jrock you got it.

Snk did not have a clue on how to design a 3d game when they made ss64 1, as you can see when you play it. But when they designed games like warrior rage (they where getting better.) at the end of hyper short arcade stand, snk was getting better at designing 3d games. Warrior rage is a great example form how good they where getting! Warrior rage is such a great game! But not to many people want to support the hyper (i belive snk used this hardware as a way to get out of the arcade and sell off there company!) like you said the hardware was there! It just SNK was just not into designing games for it! People say that the hyper is why snk sold there company (i dont belive that!) i belive they where having troubles before the hyper and they used the hyper as a loss! (so the hyper was ment to fail before it was even got started! i belive!)


today forever


all that technical bullshit
i dont give a fuck


all i know is

saw the hng 64
with samurai

it was free

cos it was at this shitty arcade show
or summat

so i was like
i'm up for it,big time

pressed the start button
chose ukyo

after the first round
i left

didnt even finish the first match

i just left

all you are saying about how the model 3
aint upgradable and all

its all very good and hell,
you sure know more than me when it comes
to the "serious" side of it but

i am a gamer

i love samurai shodown

i left after one round


if snk knew they were producin a system
with shitloads complications
then what the fuck??
is that an excuse????

they KNEW it

and still they went on with it

a bit like nintendo did with the virtual boy

only difference
Nintendo's a bit richer than snk

and survived

snk wont....(whoops...didnt)

so fuck it
fuck that bastard hng64

and DONT get me started on buriki one
or the driving game

they were HORRIBLE

and beast busters 64
i dont even want to go there

this is my truth
now tell me yours


Cheng's Errand Boy
fran iam not saying your wrong!!!

I just saying the hyper could have pulled out some major great games (but it didn't!) have u played warrior rage?? that a great game! maybe the best on the system I have to disagree with you on buriki one! That was a great game! but your right on the rest of the games! SNK could have done a better job (but like i said before i belive snk wanted the hyper to fail!!) it would have got them major money on losses!!! Due to the company was losing some money on the neo geo home carts! Think about it the system did not have more then 2 games relelsed when it came out! and a game ever year! to me that sounds like snk wanted the system to go under!!! The mvs got more then 10 games a year at the end! It a shame due to the system could have pulled off major great games! but snk did not seem to intersted in making games for it!

so your right most of the games where a joke! but there are a few on the system that make the system stand out! Warrior rage is that game!

Moria/the one

Kuroko's Training Dummy
This would be super awsome if there were to be a MVS2 bord... That would suck for us AES owners though, because we would have to buy the new Neo Bord. On the other hand, in some NGF news they sayed that the is the super giga cart being developed by Aruze. They say that Last Blade 3, MS4, MotW2, Samurai Supiritsu 4, and this faster better cart.. They even say that it will exceed the 1000meg mark... I want to hear some more new neo news on this stuff.. Any one wanna let me know? Because I would rather the super giga deal to be true rather the MVS2. But... if they were to do both... it would make me pee my pants.. hehe Laters.... and remember! Farts turn purple in the springtime!