MVS Test Mode


Galford's Armourer
I recently got a Super Nova with a 1-slot MVS. The MVS board is a newer model manufactured in 1998. My question is, how do you initialize the test mode so you can play around with the soft dip settings?


Crossed Swords Squire
Just push down the first dip switch (dip switch #1) on your MVS board, then turn on the system. It should start up at the test screen. From there you can change the soft dip settings.

Also you may also want to push down dip #7, which enables freeplay.


Crossed Swords Squire
The HGA also has a test switch built-in. Just press the big red button, and you're there.
It's a little bit easier than flipping a tiny dip switch.


Mayor of Southtown, ,
Wasn't Link mode originally for connection two or more cabinets together? I don't believe it was ever used though... but I could have sworn I once saw a Samauri Showdown 2 machine that was set up so each player had their own monitor.... was this link mode?