MVS marquees


Storm Causer

I have an opportunity to buy a 1 slot cabinet complete with Art of Fighting for $200. However, the cabinet has a rounded top marquee housing-not flat. It must use a bent plexiglass marquee(which was missing) or does it use a regular plexiglass marquee that you have to bend yourself OR do these cabinets even exist? I have a notion that this cabinet is not an actual Neo Geo cabinet, but I think I remember seeing one before. If anyone can give any answers It would be greatly appreciated. Moreover, if anyone has a contoured marquee they're willing to sell me that'd be even better(again assuming they exist).


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Hey there,
I have a Neo Geo cabinet with a marquee very similar to the one you mentioned. I just bought a two slot marquee and trimmed the edges off of it to make it fit in the contoured area (mine actualy ends in points). It looks good and you can get the Marquees cheap (try, but they are a little over priced) or print one out yourself if you have a nice color printer. The plexiglass overlay can be cut to spec at any hardware store such as Home Depot. I cut a piece for the main glass over the monitor (which is also an odd shape) and the Marquee for about $50... and they look great. Well.. hope some of that info helped, and for the record I doubt it is an SNK cabinet, but who cares... as long as you like the way it looks and it is functional (make sure if it is one you are going to be changing games in a lot that the board is easy to get to). Later,