MV-1 / Super Nova / Sony Wega



I am looking into purchasing a Super Nova-based home MVS setup. I prefer a MV-1 board, simply for the size. I have heard in the past that the MV-1 and the Super Nova do not play well together. I will be using the setup on the 32" Sony Wega, through S-Video. Has anyone had any experience with a similar setup? Recommendations?
I have that same set up and the newer version mvs simply will not play correctly for me. I have tried everything. My next step to correct this is to purchase a old version of the 1 slot mvs. I have tried with two different mvs 1 slot units and both did the same. All my other jamma boards work fine though.



Crossed Swords Squire
I have a mini 1-slot MVS that's being run through an HGA on a 27" Sony Wega. I'm using S-Video. No problems for me!