Most underrated neo game ever


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How come no one talks about Art of fighting 3.This game had a look and feel that was all its own.The graphics are the still the most spectacular on the neo geo.So how come SNK never made Art of fighting 4, and never seemed to use the same graphics engine again.Instead the KOF games look terrible,although their value is not in their graphics.And other games in the time frame of art of fighting 3 are not anywhere as good lookingAlthough Waku 7 and supertag battle were cool.Will an AF4 ever come out?


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I believe the team behind AOF3 went on to do Last Blade, but this is from memory, so I could be wrong!


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Typically when a home cart is rare, it is rare due to its unpopularity in arcades, the game's true proving ground. So only in a few select cases is a sequel made for an unpopular game, since it is quite a risk on the part of the co. to devote more time and money to a potential bomb, and the developing team would rather see their work go on to be famous.


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Art Of Fighting 3 was awesome!! i loved that game by far one of the best fighters on the neo geo!! it a shame not to see a art of fighting 4!!! I wanted a 3d version but that never happened!!! It a Shame!!! I hope they do make a art of fighting 4!!!!!


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If I could ever GET or PLAY AOF3 I would probably LOVE it, but since I cant seem to GET the game... I can not agree or disagree with you on your opinion yet!
Anyone who knows where I can get one, let me know!


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Originally posted by Dreamh2o:
If I could ever GET or PLAY AOF3 I would probably LOVE it, but since I cant seem to GET the game... I can not agree or disagree with you on your opinion yet!
Anyone who knows where I can get one, let me know!

Well,which one are you looking for?the us or japanese?i have the japanese for sale for $275


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Well said Geddon_jt!

Magical Drop 3 is a classic, and I'd even go as far to say it's better than a certain Nintendo puzzle game.
The normal game is great, but the battle and story modes make it even better.

I'm trying to hunt down the cart for my collection, but it looks like it's gonna cost me almost £200

BTW did you know that if you play Magical Drop 2 on a Japanese spec machine it has an extra game mode? It's the story mode that didn't appear in the English version until Magical Drop 3.


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J&L has Magical Drop 3 for $275, I think it's a great deal and you can't find this game elsewhere.

Yest, AOF3 was among the top fighters for Neo-Geo, I've once rated the best fighters and non-fighters for Neo-Geo:

Best fighters:

Last Blade 2
Art of Fighting 3
Ninja Masters

Best non-fighters:

Metal Slug 3
Magical Drop 3
Blazing Star

Any see the trend?

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As for my actual thought on what the most underrated game is, I say Pop 'n Bounce. Once one becomes quite good at Magical Drop 2/3, they're no longer so often as much fun. P'nP on the other hand gets my vote in part due to the great variety of levels. (I'm getting at how there are 3~4 different arrangements for the "creatures" to appear in , not the norm of 1 pre-determined setup.) The power-ups make the game much more enjoyable, and two-player mode can be a blast. Highly addictive and worth playing if you can find an MVS cab housing the game.


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Art of fighting 3 is SHITE !!


they had like...12 good characters,
and i am NOT counting the fat biker and the
mongolian c**t,alright?

but neverthless,
when you have a game like aof2 with good graphics and all and some good chars,
what *should* you do?

you *should* improve them visuals a bit,
add a couple of new geezers,
and you also,
considering its the THIRD game,
and considering it is a fighting game,
a brawler alright?
you *should* once and for all,
give this game a decent gameplay

some moves,
something thats gonna make people say

EI !! finally a ryuuko no ken game
where we can ACTUALLY sit down on our
bloody stools and play for more than 20 mins !


none of 'em things happened

aof 3's got a dull story,
tame new fighters,
and it plays awfully

what the fuck is up with it?

feels like virtua fighter
and fuck me if thats a positive thing !
a game when you basically tap button all the
bleedin time cos you just cant be arsed
with the real proper special moves

you jump
the opponent hits you with a SMALL punch
and you're grounded again

on the bastard floor...AGAIN !

and no matter what,
it always takes you 3 seconds to
get off yer arse,AGAIN !!


i own it

i love it

for the feel y'know?

all that mexican shit goin on
the music's weird but somehow
it really suits the game

its tops !

plus,owning the first two....
had to get meself the final chapter eh?

but the game in itself......

the sight of hell would pale in comparison

me rant's over now

- peace out -

and dont get me started on the boss
for fucks sake,
just DONT get me started

this is my truth,
now tell me yours


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Most underated game is Super Baseball 2020. Trust me if you like arcade sports game you will love this game.


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Hey Fran, I agree with you about how a small punch seems to send the guy falling on the floor, but Af2 was the shit game.Way too hard, no gameplay balance(eg stand in the corner and keep doing flying kicks and the mongolian trucker gets beaten every time)and non existent storyline.
I was really exited about getting this game after AF1 but it turned out to be a waste of money


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2020 Super Baseball is a good game for those of us in the UK, as it's a cut down version of the sport so the rules are easier to understand.


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I don't really think AoF3 is underrated because it simply isn't that good. I will be the first to admit that the first time I popped it in and saw the intro and some of the play animations I was very impressed, but I also have to admit that my instant fondness for the game wore thin quickly. Multiple factors hurt this title. One thing is that many of the characters are pretty limited. I loved Kasumi, Robert, Rody, and Jin, but the other characters did nothing for me. One of the biggest hurdles to clear with this title is that damn energy meter. For those of you who haven't played it there is an energy bar, like an alpha meter, that you must fill constantly because instead of controlling your alpha moves this thing is there to limit your NORMAL SUPERS. That's right, a couple botched fireballs or a dragon punch gone bad at the wrong time set you up for a nasty bit of damage AND you have lost some move potential. This alone gives the game a bad rating. Also, when the roster has something like 8-10 fighters (pretty sure it was only 8 initial and 2 hidden) why include that fat guy? 8-10 is not enough people in a $260 cart to start adding in crappy people. The only two things this game improved over AoF2 are graphics and the button layout was changed to A=punch, B=kick, C=hard hit, D=taunt (which fills you meter when held) instead of that tap A=weak hit, press A=hard hit type crap so that you never really knew what move you were going to get unless you played it too much. I never got passed 10 minutes with AoF, AoF2, or WH because of that system. Drove me nuts.


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I think the most underrated game is Shock Troopers 2. I love that game and it plays very good. Also I like the freedom of how it isn't a side scroller like Metal Slug although I love Metal Slug more but it is still a very good game and most people do not like it very much