Moonbound, my Nintendo 3DS game, will be released in America on December 16th 2021!


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Sep 28, 2004
Hello everyone!

I would like to announce that Moonbound, a Nintendo 3DS game that I've designed and developed, will be released in America on December 16th 2021! Moonbound will be available ONLY for the Nintendo 3DS console as a downloadable game in the Nintendo eShop. The game will work on all models of the Nintendo 3DS console (Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL and New Nintendo 2DS XL).


- Moonbound's Nintendo eShop information :

Moonbound is a challenging 2D arcade action game that forces the player to make quick decisions under pressure. The player controls an astronaut who is returning to Earth after completing a geological survey mission in the Beta Iridian solar system. The astronaut's ship is suddenly damaged by an explosion! The energy crystals that are used as the ship's main power source are ejected out of the ship and land on six different moons. The player must return all of the remaining crystals to the ship to be able to return to Earth.

Game features :
* Survive through over 30 levels of challenging 2D arcade action!
* Encounter different enemies and environmental hazards on six moons
* Two game modes - Story Mode and Arcade Mode
* Four difficulty levels - Easy, Normal, Hard and Hardcore
* Level selection - Start a new game at any level
* Music player - Listen to all of the game's music tracks

Number of players : 1 player
Supported languages : English
Age rating (USA & Canada, ESRB) : E - Everyone, Mild Language

- Moonbound's American version on :

- Public Dropbox link to the game's marketing assets (SPOILERS in the Spoiler_materials directory!) :

- Moonbound Official Website :

- Moonbound's YouTube channel (Moonbound-game) :

- Release countries in America : USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil

- Moonbound's European version is finished and it's currently being tested by NOE (Nintendo of Europe). The game's European version will most likely be released in January 2022.

I started developing Moonbound on September 1st 2016 after Nintendo had made possible for private individuals to develop games for the Nintendo 3DS console during the summer of 2016. The game's American version was finally finished on September 2nd 2021 so the game's development took almost exactly five years. Finishing the game's American version required 3196 work hours. I had several setbacks in my personal life during these years which delayed the game's development by almost 18 months. The worst of these setbacks was when my father passed away on May 21st 2020.

The release of Moonbound's American version was confirmed last week when the game's marketing assets were approved by NOA (Nintendo of America). The game appeared in the American Nintendo eShop only a couple of days ago. Search with the keyword "Moonbound" to find its eShop page. You can't purchase the game at the moment but it can be added to your wish list.

I hope that you can support my work by buying Moonbound in the Nintendo eShop!

I'll tell you more about the game later. Please reply to this thread if you have any questions or comments about my game.

Edit - Added Moonbound's YouTube channel information.
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Mar 14, 2001
For five bucks I'm in. Can we get a video maybe?


Geese's Thug
Sep 28, 2004
Congratulations on releasing your game.
I'll pick it up.
Thanks! I really appreciate your support.

I would like to recommend to all who decide to buy my game to :
1. Read the Gameplay Instructions section in the game's e-manual before playing the game. It has three pages that explain the game's controls, gameplay and difficulty levels. Moonbound does not have a tutorial. Remember that you can always access the e-manual during the game by pressing the console's HOME Button.
2. Select the Story Mode when you start playing Moonbound to avoid spoiling the game's story!
3. Try the game's Normal difficulty at first. Easy difficulty allows you to make many mistakes during the game.


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Sep 28, 2004
For five bucks I'm in. Can we get a video maybe?
Thank you for your support!

I'll create Moonbound's YouTube channel soon. I will at least publish raw captured videos of the game, but they will not have audio because of the restrictions of the Nintendo 3DS development hardware that I've used for programming the game. There is nothing I can do about this now, because you can't get 3DS development hardware from Nintendo any more. Capturing realistic gameplay videos is not easy on this hardware, because the video capture works very slowly. I basically have to play the game while it runs in slow motion while capturing videos.

I'm not sure if I'll produce a trailer for the game, because it would require a lot of video editing. I'm currently working on a release poster/wallpaper for the game with my brother who is the game's primary 2D artist. I'm also planning to publish the game's full soundtrack on YouTube.


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Sep 28, 2004
OK, I'm really going to start selling you my game now. :p

I'll start by giving you numeric information about Moonbound so that you can have a better idea of the amount of content in the game. I counted these numeric values of the game after its European version was finished :

2 game modes (Story Mode and Arcade Mode)
2 playable characters - Captain James Aldrin (a former space marine) and doctor Emily Sharpe (an exobiologist)
4 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard and Hardcore)

6 moons
32 playable levels
4 level clear bonuses (level clear bonus, item clear bonus, perfect bonus and Hardcore bonus)
2 background animation modes (Static and Dynamic)
13 background animation types (for example acid bubbling)
3 items (energy crystal, green mineral sample and purple mineral sample)
26 enemies, including 6 boss enemies
3 enemy AIs (Brainless, Primal Aggression and Intelligent Aggression)
17 projectiles
9 player debuffs
19 effect animations

9 story sections (10, if you include the credits)
6 characters in the game's story
321 story slides in James' story
385 story slides in Emily's story
732 story slides ;)
7 pages in the American version's e-manual (in English)
6 pages in the European version's e-manual (in English and French)

14 music tracks (30 minutes of original music)
83 sound effects produced for the game, 81 used in the game

13 programmed game scenes (including main menu, high scores and ending) + initial loading screen
0 unlockable game content items, all content immediately available to the player
60 fps silky smooth gameplay

57,4 MB American version's file size
57,5 MB European version's file size

3282 work hours to finish both versions of the game
5 years of my life, about 3½ years used on the game's development
1 dream come true - Moonbound was one of my dream projects

What surprised me the most after I had counted these numeric values was the total number of story slides (732 lines of dialogue or other story texts). I always had a pretty clear idea of the story that I wanted to tell in Moonbound, but I added a few things to it during the game's development. The game has a surprisingly long and detailed story (especially for an arcade game).


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Sep 28, 2004
I've created a YouTube channel for Moonbound and captured the first gameplay video of the game!

Moonbound's YouTube channel (Moonbound-game) :

Moonbound's first gameplay video (Level 3-2 on Normal difficulty with captain James Aldrin) :

Please subscribe to Moonbound's YouTube channel! There's a lot more content coming!

Capturing the first gameplay video of the game was not quite as difficult as I thought but I got lucky because I was able to capture it on the first attempt. This first gameplay video can already give you a pretty good idea of Moonbound's gameplay. You can see many gameplay elements in this short video. The picture quality of the video's YouTube version is not as good as the original captured video.