Monitor not properly displaying white?


Quiz Detective
Hey all, I have a super weird CRT problem with my K7000. The problem comes and goes (and right now it's gone thank god, but I want to know wtf is going on for when it starts again) but the monitor doesn't display any shades of white properly. Red, Green, and Blue all look perfect, but any kind of White that isn't pure white (like any kinds of shades of grey) are completely black. Seeing as white is just the combination of the other three colors I really don't see how this could be a problem (and before you ask, no I'm not just bad at color adjusting my monitor, I know how to do it properly and I know what bad contrast/brightness looks like, and this is not that).

A few pics below for refernce, I suspect it might be my monitors IC1 going bad, but it might also just be a problem with the JAMMA harness? Honestly this is just a huge mystery to me.