Metal Slug 3 MVS Daughter board

Xian Xi

What is the purpose of this board?

The game is legit but the one thng that's weird is that the connectors at the end are that of an NGPC game, what is it for?

Anyone know?


Wow,you know..That a good question..I have the same daughter board MS3 cart,

So many times it's been asked if a MS3 cart was legit when this daughter board was seen.
Yet never explained what the daughter board is for..

I'm gonna go out o a limb and say that it's some sort of last minute repair,addition ..fixing a bug in the game or something using parts that they may have had plenty of at the time.


Proto Hunter
Auxiliary Connectors

This looks very interesting actually.

First off, is this commonly found in mvs slug 3 carts or is it just a few here and there that have been found? Perhaps Shawn or Vinh could better answer this question then anyone else as they dealt with more of them going through their hands then the average person around here.

Second, is that really the pin out configuration for the neo-geo pocket as someone stated earlier in this thread? If so, anyone wanna plug it in and see what happens?

In any case, if it is "commonly found" among the mvs slug 3 carts, I can offer up some theories for what it might be. It could be simply an aftermarket add on which they (snk) placed on the remaing first run carts to change or update them slightly to match up to the second run. It could also have been some kind of auxiliary test connector (for use in house only for diagnostics and/or repairs), something which was found from time to time on regular arcade boards over the years. Say for example boards like Galaxian & Pac-Man.

Has anyone ever seen one of these on any other carts besides mvs slug 3?