Mem card menu-have Jap/want Eng

I had a Japanese AES console modded with the debug BIOS and had the default language set to English. My problem has been with the Memory Card Menu: when you boot into it, the language comes up in Japanese. Mind you, any saved games show their titles in English, but the actual options and all other language shows up in Japanese. Changing it in the BIOS has no effect, even without powering the system off and just hitting the reset switch. Jeff Kurtz had done the mods and was going to look into this, but he did not have a working memory card at the time to try and troubleshoot this. I was hoping someone had come accross this before and had an answer.


UI resident
Yes, if you hadn't modded the neo with a switch, you can't go back (without opening) to the normal bios.
No, as far as I can tell, the original BIOS was removed and replaced with an IC socket to house the DEBUG BIOS. Even if the original BIOS was still in place, wouldn't the fact that this was a Japanese console orginally mean that the memory card menu would have been in Japanese anyway? I honestly can't remember, since I shipped it off to Jeff literally the same day it came from Super Sellers.