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Vanessa's Drinking Bud,
Oct 22, 2001
YO-YO-Boy said:

Yeah, at this point, I basically have my subscriptions set for TheShend, RyuukoCL, tianyuan2k4, Sf3lp, and a couple other guys. They seem to do a good job of scouring the same tourney and blog sites that get linked to on GoForBroke, and they pretty much post all that stuff. So, among those guys, you get a pretty comprehensive set of updates on major recent tourney videos. Also, this guy seems to have Umehara's most famous matches if you're into that.


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Dec 21, 2004
Hello folks!
Here are some samples from my youtube account^^

SVC CHAOS Chinese Battle 1-Hong Kong Torney.

Fatal Fury 3 Japan Torney (Old)

KOF 95 Japanese Battle 1

Mvc1 - ECC2000 Final 16 - set 20

Samurai Shodown 2 Japanese Battle

SF2 WW Bug Guile Match

SFA 2 American Match (Valle vs Choi)

Fatal Fury Special - Fight 5

NGBC Japanese Match 6

Samurai Shodown 1 Japanese Battle 10

XVSF Japanese Match 5

Samurai Shodown IV Chinese Battle 1

Xvsf Brasil Disputas Casuais 8

The Last Blade 2 Japanese Battle

KOF 99 French Battle 1

I still want upload good match videos from others games like KOF'03, etc...