Marquee light panels wiring question.


Mega Shock!!,
I thought I throw this question out there before I start taking things apart and frying my components. :D

I'm planning to replace the marquee light panels in my 4-slot with the ones from glowhut.

I occurred to me that, while I'm at it, I'd love it if all 4 light panels were lit when the cab is set to slot 1. I pretty much never use the other slots anymore.

Anyone know off hand if the panels can handle being wired in sequence from slot 1? Or another way to easily accomplish this?

Or, know of any big red flag dangers I should be away of before I try to to figure this out myself on the workbench?

I know I could just gut the whole thing and add a florescent back there to get a similar effect, but would love to keep that distinctive light panel glow.



Mega Shock!!,
Finally dug in and figured this out myself!

Bought the panels form glowhut and found that if you simple wire all of them to the contacts for panel one (from all I read and can tell there's no polarity so doesn't matter which goest to which), and then solder little jumpers between the two contacts for all the other panels, sure enough, as soon as you flip the power on all 4 come on!

2016-01-31 22.24.15.jpg

2016-02-01 01.11.55.jpg


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My only concern would be about current draw.
The MV-ELA board was meant to light up one marquee at a time not 4.


Mega Shock!!,
Yeah, I was half expecting them to come up dimmer when all 4 were on. Definitely keeping an eye on the thing and not leaving it running unsupervised for a while in case I smell smoke. :)

Some comfort that the panels and board aren't terribly hard parts to replace worst case scenario...