Lindbergh PCB sets and games


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Aug 24, 2000
I have several pcb sets to sell. They are all yellow version Lindberghs with our DarkDawg multikit installed.

Price is $550



I also can provide you with SEVERAL options for games you can buy with these pcbs or to repair or upgrade your current lindbergh setup.

If you simply want to upgrade your current lindbergh to a different game I can provide a PIC and DVD for $60. You install the PIC and use a USB DVD player with the DVD and it will automatically upgrade your Lindy.

Choose from these games:

Hummer Extreme
Lets Go Jungle
After Burner Climax
VF5 Exp
Race TV
Initial D5 Exp 2.0

I can also provide the following games as a full kit which includes the PIC, CF card and IDE HDD for $145.

R tuned
Ghost Squad Evo
OR2SPSDX in HD or 800x480 (only works on crt)
ID4 Export
ID5 Jap
HOD4 with Offscreen reload patch, (for use with normal guns)
VF5 Final Showdown
VF5 Jap Rev C

For $100 I can provide you with a version of Outrun 2 that runs off just the PIC and CF!! No hard drive or DVD needed!!! No moving parts means less chance of future failure!!!

Stay tuned. I will be able to provide other games that run off of just a CF card and even off a pendrive in the future!