well, considering I am up late on a saturday night, my eyes hurting and my ears ringing, still reading these forums, alot of things begin to look like what they arent; I will look at it again when I am awake, maybe then I will get the point benares


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Hey benares, you're right, but to be fair the tiny screenshots look like they are rendered in 256 colors instead of 16- or 24-bit color. That's why they look so bad.

The actual Last Blade 2 DC game will, I'm sure, look much better than that.
yeah, a night of sleep does make all the difference. I see what you guys are talking about, yet I hate to think those are ACTUAL screenshots shown in their true resolution. Even so, the backgrounds and characters do look pretty neat from a "havent really played the game" perspective.
now those screen look bas ass, and I will stand by that! Thanks for the link, its good to see IGN giving the game props like that.


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Originally posted by benares:
What are you talking about? That games look like shit!

Let's not judge this new game quite just yet. It could be that they used a poor method to capture the images or converted them to a low-res graphic. I apologize for the blank post, I wish the Admins would give us the power to delete our own messages at least.

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