KOF99: Evolution to be released stateside via Agetec


Kula's Candy

According to ebworld.com it looks like Record of the Loduss War and Bangaioh will be brought over here in January via Crave Entertainment...

I need to tell my woman to get off her ass and out of my wallet so I can buy another one.

I'll tell you, relationship break ups could be the best gaming accessory you could make...
I have to say, I am delighted to see someone is actually going to bring that game statside, that will be one of the games I will get this year.


Kula's Candy
The good news is that since Sega of America pounded out Shenmue, Grandia 2, Skie's of Arcadia, and soon Phantasy Star Online - they will be soon out of quality RPG's to bring here.

Why is that good news? Maybe then they will be cornered and will be FORCED to release games like Black Matrix and Sakura Taisen since their are no other RPGs to release.

Caris Nautilus

I'd buy the USA release if I didnt own the import, Which is in full english with english options... Weird that it wont be released by SNK though. still cool it'll come here


Not it's logic that SNK won't release it because there is no more SNK-usa. I hope the pocket link will be still inside.

By the way Sega endly decided to support dreamcast in Holland and we endly have a dutch dreamcastbox for sale. Hopoe it will getting better wit the dc now. By the way for those who can't wait for Baghoi-o (sorry for mistakes is spelling), you can already order english copies from Europe.