KOF95 for gameboy?


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Too bad the GameBoy Color is a P.O.S. I can't stand to even look at the screen, much less play anything on it. Ugh, the NGPC was SO much better, too bad it died.

Well, maybe GB Advance will be better, looks like it might be. And there's always the Wondersh*t Color, hopefully better than the horrible B&W system.



The european boxart was the same as the neo-versions, this art is worse. And about the takara game boy conversions of Neo-games I don't like them at all.


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Ive seen Samurai Shodown 1 for the game boy color too. In a old magazine with Kof 95 (PU Magazine) The NGPC Kof and SS look allot better through.


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The original Samurai Shodown made it to 9 systems by my count, including both Neo·Geo versions (MVS/home cartridge & CD). KoF '96 is also said to exist for the Game Boy, amongst others.
Yeah, saw it on ebay as well. Kof 95 was relesed for Us, and Japan. KOF 96 was released on Japan only-I think (I could have gotten those years mixed up). I actully played for a while. It's actually decent for a Gameboy. They had the carts on sale on toys R' Us for 9 dollars couple months back, in Hagerstown.

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It was as cool as a fighter could be on gameboy... Gameboy Advance fighters could rule tho. But NGPC is the king of handheld fighters so far


I think KoF 95 was the best sold KoF in the Europe. Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, Game Boy, Saturn and Playstation. (It was the only Saturn release in Europe wityh a Rom-cart.)
I believe there are the following GB neo conversions.

KOF95, KOF96, KOF99 (I saw it on ebay, it looked like a conversion of 98 to me), SS, SS3 (very impressive), Real Bout Special (mai bounced), and I think that is all I remember playing.