King of Fighters 2000 worth it?


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I'm curious about whether you think KOF2000 will be worth purchasing? I talked to some individuals on the IRC (mainly #neogeo from efnet) and they said that the strikers and "endless combos" ruin it.

What is your opinion on the matter?
I have already preordered KOF 2000 months ago. Yes, I heard that there is strikers (useless) and endless combos, but I think it is very worthwhile cart to get. Infact, it will probably be the last AES game, if the rumors are true. And the price may go up, when you change your mind, and decide toget it. So get it while you can. Preorder your copy at


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Well you still haven't answered my question...

Okay, yes, it will be the last Neo-Geo game produced. I understand this. But I'm not a collector (my wallet doesn't allow it.)

Do you think King of Fighters 2000 will be the *best* King of Fighters game out on the Neo-Geo? Hows that?
I am not a collector either (not in true sense). I buy the games so I could play, not to collect or sell. That's why I got MVS converter. I would rather get KOF 2000 MVS cart, if it was cheaper, and I could play it on my converter. Unfortuanetly, the price is still higher than the cart not. And my converter only plays upto 1998 games. Therefore, I am getting the cart instead.

I cannot say that KOF 2000 is the best game-I have never played it. As I mentioned in the previous post, I said that "I heard that..." I got the info From BonusKun in the chat room. But I played KOF 99, and I liked it. It may not be my "favorite" KOF, but it was very playable-not to mention beefed up graphics and cool music. I heard that KOF 2000 plays more or less like KOF 99, and I am basing on that to buy the cart.

You did not state that you wanted the best KOF title. If that was the question, mine would be KOF 96, 98 then 99 (currently).


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I hang out in #neogeo and #snk on efnet, and I might have been one of the people that was bashing it in there. As a fun game, this game is pretty cool and any neo geo fighter fan will probably get some enjoyment out of it. But I'm in the minority that dislikes strikers as an idea in kof (they just don't fit the serious fighter theme) and I disliked kof99 because of it (amongst some other things in it). Well, if kof99 was a step in the wrong direction, kof2k just keeps running in this direction and took it to the extreme. The stuff that I've seen combo in this game make it seem like an untested beta and the unlimited strikers that can be called any time completely ruin the kof gameplay feel. I kind of enjoyed it as a fun fighter (in the same vein as MvC2), but I wouldn't spend $320 on it because I just don't think I'd get $320 worth of enjoyment out of it. I know I'm going to get flamed for posting a negetive thing about a neo geo game, but sometimes they just aren't worth the cash, even if they are pretty fun. My advice to you benares is to pre-order it, play it as soon as you get it, and if you don't like it, sell it right away because there will be a scramble for it and you could probably make a tiny profit on it if you sell at the right time. As for me though, I was blessed enough to be able to try it first.


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KOF 2000 has been in an Arcade here in So. Cal for about a month now, and I have to say that it is not too far away from KOF 99.
Strikers do seem to play a much bigger role in the gameplay and combos are a bit easier to pull off.
The game is .75 cents a play though, and therefore I haven't played it enough to really form a solid opinion.
The new characters are IMO very cool and some of the BG effects are really good (especially Egypt and the aquarium).


Are the strikers like the helpers in MvsC? A character that runs on, hits your enemy, then leaves?

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IMO, whether you collect the game or you simply play the game, I would go ahead and get it anyway. Remember, SNK/Azure will only produce the amount preorder. Even if you don't like the game in the end, you can always sell it for the same or even higher prices, provided you keep it in a good condition, so you'll end up like renting the game for free or get paid. That's the beauty of Neo-Geo, which the values of games rarely go down.


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Crump is a spice that you use in cooking. Just like tyme. So if you're a Big Tymer or Big Crumper, you're a soup Nazi.
Originally posted by yuckydog:
Crump is a spice that you use in cooking. Just like tyme. So if you're a Big Tymer or Big Crumper, you're a soup Nazi.

I am glad someone finally decided to educate the community about spice
I can see using "NGF" and "nazi" in the same sentence. KOF 2000 should be a wonderful game I would think; of the carts I plan to get this year, it is one of the few I will get. The screens on it looks stellar.


Too bad NGF will "COME BACK NEXT YEAR" with KOF 2001.

Dion-I'm out of the contest


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I already had a play session on it in New Orleans and I say it's pretty good. They had just got the game so nobody was able to pull no infinite combo madness (not gonna mention broken joysticks). Here's some of the cooler things about the game:

1.Strikers are as wacky as MvC1. Cosplay Kyo?

2.Armour Mode is WAY cooler and useful.

3.Characters have defeated quotes now.

4.Kula and Candy, nuff said!

5.Intro kicks ass. One of the better ones.

6.Shingo's a bigger fool this year.

7.Cool new characters. Lin is Eiji on crack!

8.Iori mentions self-assisted suicide.

9.Edit ending is better than '99.

10.K' rules.

If you're a casual KOF fan maybe you can live without, but if you're an insane fan like me you gots ta have it!


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So then the question now becomes this:

Will the MVS version of KOF2000 be the only version with English text? Or can you set it in the options section?


Kula's Candy
I don't have an MVS machine currently. I just want to know whether the KOF2000 that NCS is going to sell will have English text.

It sounds like those carts NCS will be getting are made for a Japanese home cart system so their will be no English.


sorry, read the question wrong. As long as you use an english Neo-Geo, the game will play in english. Very few games are japanese-only, mostly quiz games & mahjong.


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SNK has always made there games multi Language compatible. And I really don't think they would stop here...besides a english person just posted up on this board saying that he saw the quotes from the characters in english...