King Of Fighters 2000 Home cart for sale?


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The pics are just a preview of what the NGF version will look like. As usual, NGF did an awesome job on the US insert. But there is one MAJOR problem with it. On the spine where the SNK logo should be (right above the meg count on most neo geo games) it instead has a the NGF logo. Now, I understand why NGF did that with the Diggerman insert, since the game didn't really have an offical developer, but KoF2k was all done by SNK. Come on NGF, give credit where credit is due.

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I doubt it, probably an empty box....

The NGF on the spine, and on the back, definitely needs to go!
Although it does look good.



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Isn't it funny how NGF has disappeared from this board . . . and never responded to the ultimatum from Mouse_Master about the two carts they ripped him off for.

Where oh where have they gone? Surely they haven't been out of town THIS long, have they? Where is Dion frantically trying to shore up his near-dead reputation?

NGF (i.e. Dion and Chris), WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? HIDING?


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I like official games not NGF crap. They can keep their crap and fake ass inserts. I'll wait for a King of Fighters 2000 official release and if that doesn't happen then I will just get the MVS and a converter.


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I like their artwork on the unoffical games, but the price for the insert alone is just NUTS... thats right, you hear me guys, NUTS. Go spank your seaman.


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Discusion of all opinions is welcome. We all want to hear what each of you think. However, Please tone down the mud slinging. Lets keep that in the war room fellas.

I think the NGF kof2K insert looks great. Its a very nice design. The NGF on the spine is odd I guess, but if anyone who buys it doesnt like it, they could allways make a copy & replace the lettering to SNK. Its so easy that its not really even an issue imo. I'll allways take an official cart direct from SNK when I can get it. Hopefully KOF2K will see a home cart release, but if not I'll just make my own.
(*crosses fingers*) Com'on SNK!



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What sac cart would you use to make a KOF2000? Would you have to use a metal slug 3?