K7000 chasis mystery part


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I had the flyback on my 4 slot cab go out on me so I decided to replace it and redo the caps. While is was flipping the board over and back removing caps this part fell out of somewhere.


I did not see where it came from and it appears to be broken. Can anyone tell me what this part is? Is it critical to the operation of my cab?

Also, the anode cup on the flyback I removed had a metal disk on the spring clip.


The new one did not come with this disk. Should I move it over to the new anode cup?

Thanks in advance for any help, this is my first time working on a monitor(first time working on any crt really)


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It's the plastic cap at the end of the tube neck, where the neckboard goes. What's important is that the tube is not cracked and the pins are straight.

The disc is a further measure against X-rays in a point where the tube is weak in this respect, i.e. the anode cavity. However most flybacks don't have it so don't worry about it. It can be moved onto the new flyback unless the clip is shaped differently.


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Thank you MKL. Would that cap being missing cause any visual issues? Everything is working, but the geometry seems to be off, the horizontal size is too big, and the credits text on the bottom does weird things when the screen gets busy. Sometimes it looks jittery, or something that looks a like flare in the text, its kinda hard to explain. I haven't done much research into making adjustments to these issues yet, so I don't expect anyone to give me a detailed answer.

The neck and pins looked good when I put it on, but it is the first time I have looked at these parts live in front of me.