Jeff: Mod Question


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Aug 14, 2000
Jeff, some months ago I had written you about getting a mod done on my home system. You were quite helpful, but now I am having second thoughts about modding this particular system.

Y'see, I think it is an older model and I underdstand that some of the newer decks have better video drivers. So my questions is, do you happen to know the ranges of the serial numbers of the various releases? The serial number on the unit I have is 020639. Is this one of the old ones? If so, I think I may just buy another (newer) system and have that one done up.

Also, I've forgotten, does the mod have both RCA video AND S-Video, or is it one or the other? Personally, I would like both from an ease of use perspective, but didn't know if that were possible.

Thanks a lot Jeff! You're always a great source of info.



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Aug 12, 2000
For SVideo, just about every Neo will give you a nice picture. I prefer the older systems over the latest one though since the SVid picture is nicer on the older systems.

As for a range of numbers - good luck. I've seen super low numbers with new boards.

If your system has never been to SNK for repair, I would say your board is most likely the one with the video daughtercard.

My standard mod package includes SVideo/Stereo/Debug Bios -- I can add an RCA Video jack if you want that too. None of the video mods affect the A/V jack on your system either.