I told you so!!


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Can anyone remember when I posted a rumor that I heard about NGF? (Try to find it modoraters, I beleive it was called "No more NGF")

I posted a rumor that I heard months ago when this forum fist opened up that went something like this:

"NGF will cease to exist after the new year. They are going to make a final run at King of Fighters 2000 and then, well that's how the rumor goes"

Looks like all their bullshit finally caught up with them.

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Yeah, I remember that. And the rumor seems to be right. The word spreads fastly. The Neo Geo Community is nothing to play with.
We are serious people, not like the NGF guy's think. We are many and new members joyns uss every day. The so called "NGF bigtimers" they have all the carts allrady and can't buy anything from them anymore. That means no more money for them.

NGF-is dead.25.10.2000


Bead Banger
NGF is so stupid. I mean come on, what do you want Shawn to do? Shut down this web page because your feelings are hurt after all the crap that you've pulled?

Time to wake up! NGF, you don't do ANYTHING!
You cut and paste! Infact, from now on I think that everyone should refer to NGF as Cut&Paste.

Anyone agree??


(that way we don't have to hear that fake NGF name anymore)
yeah, they need to cut and paste themselves the hell off these forums! I kinda dig that idea of today being "the day NGF died". Since joining these forums, I have told alot of my peers about their crookedness and their faggotry, and I will continue to do so in the hope that the legacy they leave behind will be one of shame.