Howmeny HOURS,min playing on Neo Geo


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Howmeny hours,min are you playing on your Neo Geo CD/CDZ,Cardridge System,MVS,Hyper 64,NGPC a day? I am playing atleast 1.30 min on my NGPC a day. Soon on Neo Geo CD!
Well in the last month average (multiply times by 30 for total play in a month)

1. Hyper 1 hour a day. Usally play a few rounds when I get home from work and weekends.

2. Neo geo 30 min a day only on weekends

3. Neo geo cd 15 min a day only on weekends

4. pocket 5-15 min a day. Only when Im in the bathroom (like you wanted to know that)

5. Neo mvs have not played in a month (hyper is hooked in my cab right now.

this is a average I really do not play to much during the week becuase of work. All i need to do is win the lottery and those numbers will go way up.

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It depends on what days but I play my home cart at least for an hour everyday. If I get stuck on a boss maybe longer


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I probably spend between half a hour to a hour everyday on my neo, although if I've got friends round then it's normally a marathon like session!


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Even though I really prefer playing fighters against people and I don't have too many people over I still manage to pull about 3 hrs a week or so on my Neo with various games, mostly MotW, LB2, or KoF 96/99. Honestly I play my DC more with CvS or SF3 3rd Strike and soon the PS2 will steal time from everything as I am a heavily addicted Tekken player, too bad that is the only good game on the system so far.
I used to be more addicted to my Neo though, playing a good hour and a half to four hours a day depending on school, work, and NHL schedules.