How much will King of Fighters 2000 cost?

You might have seen the auction for KOF 99 and 2000 on ebay by this guy named Indonesian (by the way, I have done business with him before, he does a great job). According to the page, the suggested price for KOF 2000 was about $370; the auction went for $580. Hope that helps.


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Shit, do we not pay enough at $260 per game?? I had heard rumors about this one selling for $350 or so, but I was hoping they were BS. What is with the $110 increase in the price?


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SuperSellers was taking pre-orders for $280 + $25 S&H, however that ended on the 21st (before I had the cash).


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Well, if NCS follows its past history for Neo Geo cart sales, the cart will be $268 plust shipping. This is what Metal Slug 3 cost me.

Unless Aruze jacks it up, that's what we'll pay. At this point, I wouldn't put anything past Aruze . . .


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I would pay 380.00 but that better not start a trend. I don't want to dish that much out next time if there is a next time on new games. If Last Blade 3 or any other game comes out and they charge this much I will be finding a different hobby. 260.00 is pushing it.


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I find anything above $400 for a new Neo-Geo game that may or may not increase in value to be a bit hard to swallow. Hopefully NCS will follow tradition and sell the game at $270, just as they do all other new Neo-Geo releases. Expect Buy-Rite and other, shadier Neo-Geo dealers to price gouge for as much as they can possibly get away with.