How is Breakers/ Revenge?

How good is Breakers or Breakers Revenge? I heard that it's good, and plays like ST Alpha 2, and Breakers Revenge is just a minor update to the breakers. If so, then should I stick to getting Breakers only? And is this game called Ragnard in Japan? Thanks.


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I have never played either of them but i know Breakers came out in japan as breakers and Breakers Revenge only came out on MVS. Ragnard is a totally different game. Im waiting for my converted Breakers Revenge so ill let you know how it is when i get it.
Breakers is just like SF alpha 2 and has a very cool combo system. A GREAT GAME!

Breakres Revenge Its update version of Breakers with one more character, and a little worse combo system. Only 12 were made in MVS for Visco employees.

Ragnard Its a Video System game made with pre-rendered graphics. With horrible game play.

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Breaker's & Breaker's Revenge are pretty fun games if you ask me. In a weird way they remind of of Power Instinct, but I guess they are sort of Alpha-ish. BR only had one new character as far as I know; otherwise it was the same game as the original. That goes as far as the normal game (and even the intro!). If you're wondering about boss(es) and endings, I really don't know. I haven't beaten either of them. If you have an MVS setup of any kind, go with Breaker's Revenge, since it's slightly better overall, and adds Saizo to the roster.

To go a bit off topic, Ragnagard is known as Shin Oh Ken in Japan, and like Breaker's is a rare Japanese-only home cartridge. I sold mine earlier this year, and I quite enjoyed it. I loved it in fact. But I must say, unless you actually read the instruction booklet and test out the strategies presented within, or get yourself a combo guide from an issue of Neo·Geo Freak or something, then you'll have a good chance of sucking at the game and will likely hate it. Truth be told, if you don't know how to play, you'll get creamed unmercifully and will probably come close to shattering a joystick in frustration. Trust me, I've been there. As I mentioned though, if you do take an hour or two to comprehend all the aerial battles, counters, combos, etc. of the game, you'll find it a challenging fighter, where one must truly use different tactics vs each opponent; not the same techniques against anyone like in some KoF games. And just to clarify, it was made by Saurus & System Vision. Video System did the Aero Fighters trilogy.

Wow that was longer than expected, but you should be content with either Breaker's, so good luck whatever you do. BTW if you go with Breaker's Revenge, I have something that you might like.

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I have owned Breaker's Revenge for over a year now and I can say that while it is a decent game it isn't the most memorable Neo fighter. If you just want another fighter to add to the roster and you already have all the mainstream titles pick up Ninja Master's or Kizuna Encounter first. BR is not much different than Breaker's. The big 2 differences are that you can use Saizo, the ninja, and there is a BG for him. Anyway, this game is modeled after the SFA series with bulkier characters and more of a cartoon appearance. It has some pretty good moves in it. Probably 3 really cool characters, a handful of ok ones, and 3 really bad ones. Honestly, I can't give you an extremely in depth review of the game as I don't play it near as much as the other fighters I have. It is good, but not spectacular. It just isn't as refined as say SF3, KoF 99, or MotW. Here are some games I recommend highly before you grab BR: KoF 96-99, MotW, RB2, Ninja Master's, Sam Sho 2-4, Last Blade 2, (maybe) Waku Waku 7, and Kizuna Encounter (slightly better than BR). These games will probably see more play time than BR will. I will say this about the Breaker's games though, combos are pretty tight and the alpha moves can be worked in very easily. The controls are pretty good and so is the pace, if only they had designed some of the characters better.....


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Never played it, anyone post some screenshots!? I always like to see what your talking about... especially when I have no clue what it is...


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Can you not get yerself the roms and
play it on mame or neoragex?

breakers revenge
i wont comment on that
cos ITS not a home cart

i can tell you about breakers tho

its like
the most UNORIGINAL game.....EVER

but somehow

and i swear


its fun !!!!

its DAMN FUN !!

only problem is

its real value,
in a perfect world,
is 150 / 200 $ MAX

400 ??


not worth it

this is my truth,
not tell me yours

- peace out -


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As far as B grade fighters go, Breakers is definately behind in the pack - some of the lamest post-Savage Reign characters around, and the music quality is like that of an 8 track. I'd recommend Voltage Fighter Gowkaizer-hell, even Aggessors Of Dark Kombat over it any day.