Houston neo Gathering, (Oct or Nov) any interest?

Big Bruno

20 Year Member
Aug 18, 2000
So as a few know i live in the Houston area. There are 2 shows i help out with

oni-con oct 29nd-31st (anime, JCulture con)
This I actually run the game room so can pretty much do what i like

Arcade Expo (mainly a big party with pinball and video games) Nov 12-14
this one is run by a good friend of mine with pinball and video games, i can probably get a small area from him to setup stuff, i can even do a panel on my beta's if there is interest.

Anyway, getting my stuff together, functional, securing and siting in an area takes prep. Oni-con is going to be my last year this year, I'm just getting to old and to be honest just a large personal expenses i really can not justify, even though i run the room I do not get paid just partially reimbursed. Arcade expo I can setup a small area, and can talk with the show owner on doing a neo dedicated area but i will need to work on all my cabs and get them ready. i can even setup a neo print. but again a lot of work. I asked this before and really since i make 0 money from the shows i hate do to all the work getting something ready then have 5 people show up :) I may gave some neo stuff for a charity auction as well and setup my neo print on free play but manage, just because it cost so much for the rolls (i have a few rolls and some partially rolls i just purchased).

I know people flying out etc. cost money to, tickets purchase and yes still covaid. so before i pull the trigger would like to know the interest. Arcade expo I could probably do next years date as well. And no this is not a ticket grab :) as stated oni i do not get paid for (believe me or not ) and arcade expo is a buddy's show who's goal is to break even (he does it for fun).