Hi, I am new here


Lazy SNK Employee
Hey everybody. I am a newbie here if you couldn't already tell. AOL IM name "Geddon01" reffered me here...I guess he is a staff memeber.

Anyway, I am heavily into the NeoGeo and the Sega Dreamcast. I am a staff member at www.shodown.net and cover anything dealing with the Sega DC. Every once in awhile I will post news about the NeoGeo, but it is probably nothing you already don't know. Most likely I will get that news from you guys in the first place

If you couldn't tell the domain name derives from the shodown part of Samurai Shodown. You can also check out some other stuff like graphics design that is done by euthanasia too. He does some amazing stuff.

Catch ya on the flip side...


B. Jenet's Firstmate
Welcome to the forums, anybody that can bring reputable news to the neogeo would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you can find us some Jamma show information. Thanks

Welcome Aboard
Hiya Haohmaru, how are ya? I am pretty new here myself, but let me tell ya this site is a godsend for the hungry neo fanatic! Hope you enjoy your time here. I also saw where you keep up with Dreamcast- know anything about the upcoming broadband modem? And for that matter, was there or is there ever any chance of neo geo going narrowband/broadband?