Help. Problem w/ KOF 97 MVS Cart

Master Terry Bogard

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I just got it few days ago. Everything worrks fine w/ the MVS converter, except that some chr. like Mai, Chizuru (actually maybe 1/3-1/2 chr) have no muic. I tried cleaning contacts w/ eraser, and such, but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks.


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Open up the cart and take a look at the boards to make sure they look ok on the inside.... Since it is an MVS cart, it should be pretty easy!


Neo Bomber Man

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Not everyone in KoF '97 has their own theme music, if that's what you mean.

Kyo, Terry, New Face Team (Yashiro, Shermie, Chris), Mary, Athena, Shingo, Yamazaki, Billy, Iori, Orochi Iori/Leona, Orochi New Face Team and Orochi all have their own themes, while the others do not. Well there's one more, but that's a secret. Otherwise, you just get the horridly shitty and thrown-together-in-five-minutes music that dominates most of the game.


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Wow, this is truly funny. I made a post about the music of this game somewhere on here before. When I first got mine, I thought the EXACT same thing: "WTF, the freakin music is ----ed up!" Unfortunately, SNK decided in the 97 edition to make little/to no music in the game as Bomberman explained above. Disapointing eh? Oh well, you got it on MVS, so no real big money loss. Game isnt too bad though, althought the music did disapoint me big time about it.

Master Terry Bogard

Belnar Institute Student
Thanks for info. It's been a while, but I think I didn't hear the sound for the cd version as well. Have to check it out. Thanks again.