Has anyone ordered MVS carts from Chloe?


Loyal Neo-Disciple,
I'm just wondering if anyone has ordered games from Chloe INT'L here. I've sent money by bank transfer on Tue, Oct 3 and have not received any reply. Compared to Cosmic where they received the funds almost instantly, this is a bit unusual.

If anyone has been ripped off by them, please let us know. I'll report the progress of my order later as well.


Loyal Neo-Disciple,
The company does not have a web site, and here's the company info:

Unit C, 17/F., Skyline Tower, 18 Tong Mi Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel : (852) 2626-1348 (5 lines)
Fax : (852) 2625-1803



As mentioned earlier, I'll let eveyone know about the deal, part of the problem may be the money transfer itself (I've just found the bank didn't put the country name at the end of the bank name) so I'll check with the bank as well.


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Thanks for the info. I've heard a little about them and I wanted to check their prices out.


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I tried to transfer to Robi15 in Sweden, and after nearly 2 weeks and no transfer, the bank told me they forgot how to do an international transfer, more or less.... and that they had set it up as a domestic trasfer, and would I please pay the additional $25 for international... I ended up doing western union... American banks stink at international transfers as a rule... iv yet to find one that does them well.


Loyal Neo-Disciple,
Well, I did the same with Cosmic in Hong Kong and it went smoothly ($$ arrives in 12 hrs), so the time frame is not an issue. Jeff has just transfered money to Chloe as well, both of us will keep you updated here.


Loyal Neo-Disciple,
Just update my progress here, Chloe has replied and said they have received the payment, so the games are on the way, I'll let everyone know when I actually receive the games.


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Just out of curiosity, Vince, what carts did you order from Chloe? Anything interesting? All MVS, I assume . . .


Loyal Neo-Disciple,
I finally got the games this morning, everything turns out great except I got Fatal Fury Special instead of Real Bout Special, which I won't even bother sending it back as it'll cost more than $25 to ship it back and forth.


Loyal Neo-Disciple,
Just an update on my order, Chloe has offered to send the Real Bout Special MVS cart because of their mistake. Jeff got his carts too, unfortunately, Pop'n Bounce is bootlegged just as he expected.
Originally posted by Dreamh2o:
banks stink at international transfers as a rule... iv yet to find one that does them well.

I have dealt with First Union in that regard, and they did fine, but I guess thats because they are one of those "megabanks".