Hand made Neogeo Memory Card. #2


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I need to change the memory block cause I added a small switch.

Changed the cover with black one also :)

Looks strange but the switch works very well :)
The region is changed when I changed the switch.


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This is really cool! Where did you find a diagram for the memory card? And do you have the part number of the connector? I'd love to try this out. You planning on making a real enclosure for this thing?


B. Jenet's Firstmate
Neodogg do you have a thread link? I'm interested in making one just for shits and giggles.


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Is it possible to replace the volatile RAM in the original memory card with non volatile? I'd be interested in doing that for a little project.

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Thank you Neodogg, I'm aware of the NSM but I never managed to get one while they were in stock. That's why I was thinking about making my own.

Considering the build here (why use a protoboard if you're not gonna use the soldering pads?????) you can clearly see the "circuit" which is almost a direct connection from the RAMTRON chip to the PC Card connector. Seems like an easy enough project to do, if indeed that's all it takes to drive a neo-geo memcard.

If I had a unit with a memcard reader I'd probably try my hand on it, seems like a lightweight fun side project.