golden axe : revenge of death adder busted?


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Aug 6, 2013

I just got this golden axe: death adder PCB today in the mail and it boots to a black screen. I can hear some static when I change the volume but no game audio or video plays. The red light on the board lights up and I verified using another board that my astro city cab is fine.

I've never had a sega PCB board before, and I'm wonder if I am doing something wrong. Thanks!

I found this topic that discusses suicide batteries and sega boards, but nothing to confirm if RoDA actually has them or not. The seller says they played it fine two weeks ago...

and this topic from these boards where someone had a similar problem:

So it seems like it doesn't use a suicide battery after all.

edit: so I rechecked the connections between the two boards and pushed them together a little, and it works! now to leave it running for a bit to make sure everything is cool.

Ok so after doing a playthrough it seems the video is fine but the audio is way loud and the some sound fx are missing or too play too low. Well at least its playable!
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