Garou: MOTW, Non-Bootleg


Krauser's Henchman
Just so you all know I have confirmed this Garou Cart as non-boot, here are some pics.



Those EEproms look questionable, however it is known that SNK did use these in some of their older MVS carts.

Questions, or comments welcome
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Mr. Big's Thug
This one is real too, but I do believe that the label is fake though. As far as I know, MOTW with eproms are Japanese versions only and yours has an English label. I have never seen a boot with correctly labeled eproms and MOTW with the wire and 4 eproms has been up for discussion many times in the past. If the eproms are few and far between and correctly labeled, you don't need to worry.
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Amano Jacu

Charles Barkley
Yes, I own a cart just like (but with an original japanese label) and it's real. It's been discussed a lot in the past as kunio says.