FS: Sony PSP + 5 games -SOLD-


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Oct 31, 2001
I've got bills to pay and this is the first item up on the block. I haven't posted in a while so I don't know how things are run here anymore. I've dealt with quite a few people on the boards and have a fairly decent rep. I'm looking to sell quick and get either cash(in person) or paypal asap.

PSP system in excellent condition with the original accessories (headphones, soft case, cloth, headphone remote, 32mb sony mem card, etc...) I don't have the box, I must have tossed it. :(

Virtua Tennis
GTA: Liberty City Stories
Darkstalkers Chronicle
Wipeout pure
Spiderman 2 freebie movie & crap sampler disc

I'm looking to get $165 shipped anywhere in the US, everything is in fantastic and working shape, I like the unit, I just haven't used it all that much. It's 12:30 at the time of posting, get me paypal before 3 or so and it should go out via ups today.

First person to PM me regarding this thread gets signed 8x10 glossy nudes of kernow.(artsy stuff, no hardcore)

-edit- The unit was a 1.5 but has been upgraded to 2.6
I have been PM'ed and told that GTA can be used to load homebrew games on the unit per http://www.hackaday.com/2006/01/31/how-to-psp-2-00-2-60-homebrew-with-eloader/
I have no idea if this works. I'm not selling the unit with this in mind
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