FS: Prices Added - Neo-Geo Big Red 6-slot Cab; Sega Blast City; MvsC2 and various other Naomi games/hardware.


, m(o)(o)bs, they're awesome.
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Dec 3, 2008
Neo-Geo Big red 6-slot works great. - Currently asking $1500

Blast City's monitor just gave out and I think just needs a cap kit which is beyond my ability. Bill machine, lights, sound all work. Screen stopped "clicking" on when I went to play MvsC2 one day but I could still hear the game. I also have two extra control panels, one World Series baseball and one 2 player six button control panels that is currently in its own enclosure from a US Sega Big Blue World Series Baseball I took apart a few years back. It was bought the panel from new stock many years ago. Lots of Blast City Specific harness cables as well. - Currently asking $1500. - Sold

Ms. Pacman has a 60 in one board in it but I still have the original board and has a new replacement CRT in it. It was owned by a church prior to my purchase of it who were reportedly the first owner so I'm fairly sure all the artwork is the original. - Currently asking $800 with both boards.

EDIT: Some people are asking me about the Neo Geo games in the picture. Those are listed in the Neo Geo sellers thread here:
FS: MVS Kits: Nightmare in the Dark; SVC Chaos; SSV and more along with various MVS Carts

Naomi Carts
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 - $500
WWF Royal Rumble - $100 - SOLD
Heavy Metal - $120
Capom Vs SNK - $200 $185 - SOLD
World Series 99 w/Sega Control Panel - $250 - SOLD
Virtue Tennis - $70 - SOLD
Powerstone - Doesn't boot for some reason. $50
Mobile Suit Gundam - $150

Naomi GD ROM - $150 - SOLD
Naomi Mobo with Unibios - $175
Naomi NetDimm by itself with Universal Pic- $275 $250 Shipped - SOLD

Naomi GD ROM Games
Virtue Tennis - $70
Capcom Vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 Pro - $100
Copcom Vs SNK 2 - $150 - SOLD
Guilty Gear XX #Reload - $100
Melty Blood Act Cadenza (In GD-ROM atm) - $125

Capcom IO - $250

Arcade Board
Caveman Ninja (Joe and Mac) - $125 - SOLD

Edit 2: Added Prices for Arcades and games. Open to offers.
Edit 3: Updated sold items.
Edit 4: Blast is sold.
Edit 5: Updated sold items.
Edit 6: Updated sold items.
Edit 7: Updated sold items.
Edit 8: Updated sold items.
Edit 9: Updated sold items.
Edit 9: Updated sold items.
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, m(o)(o)bs, they're awesome.
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Dec 3, 2008
Cabs are still available. Home for the weekend if anyone else wants to swing by and take a look PM me.


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Jul 14, 2005
The Big Red is 1500
The Sega Blast City is 1500

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