FS: Plat GC w/ 7 games (resident evils) $150. Mint Lynx w/ 3 games + adapter $80.


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Aug 18, 2001
edit: paypal is ok now. remembered details to get into my verified premier 50 feedback paypal account. so paypal is welcome now. MO is too.


DEAD OR ALIVE ULTIMATE + DEAD OR ALIVE 3 - XBOX. both complete. ultimate is nm. doa3 shows light wear all around. $50 shipped for both.

Boxed, complete platinum gamecube. extra Mad Catz controller and official 251 memory card. includes these games (all complete in good condish):

resident evil zero
resident evil remake
super smash bros melee
super monkey ball 2
fzero gx
metal gear solid twin snakes
viewtiful joe

$150 + shipping

original massively large ATARI LYNX nm-very nearly mint. no scratches save for SLIGHT wear on the cart-hinge wear you press in to open the door. screen is perfect, stickers perfect, etc. comes with official case (the thin one with two game pouches on front), rampage, ninja gaiden, tod's adventures in slime world (all loose w/ mint stickers) and official lynx adapter w/ damaged box. (as you can see the "wear" on the cart hinge is pretty slight couldnt even pick it up on my shitty cam. one thing i did notice while taking the pics, I SEE NO DEAD PIXELS BUT THERE IS A COUPLE DUST DEVILS UNDER THE GLASS. somehow they got in there so there should be a way to get them out if ur so inlined. doesnt affect gameplay though.)

$80 shipped.

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