FS: MVS lot, Shock Troopers, Turfies, & Crossed Swords


Cinema Ninja!,
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Sep 24, 2013
As you read in the title I've got 3 MVS carts I'm looking to sell as a lot. A very nice holo label copy of Shock Troopers. A Neo Turf Masters with a fairly nice JP BTG label. And a copy of Crossed Swords with a nice shadowkn55 repro label. The CS also had a repair done to it, but other than that these 3 carts are in nice shape and all legit.

I'm lookin for $150 shipped in the US. If it doesn't get sold in the next couple days I'll entertain international offers. Or if I've dealt with you before I'll not wait. International if it ends up selling like that would be $140 + actual postage.

And yeah, I don't have a pic up. I'm being lazy (hence the price, just want em gone with less hassle) and don't feel like locating my camera. If you REALLY need a pic of these fine used MVS carts, then it'll add a bit of time...

EDIT: now SOLD for $150
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