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Sep 29, 2007
Got some things to purge out, US only at this time, shipping is not included, but multiples I'll cover priority mail shipping. No picture hounds, or condition spoogers, I'm not taking more pics of this stuff, buy at your own discretion. Assume everything is gamer condition as I've played this stuff.

Mega Drive:

Darius 2- $30
Phelios- $30
Landstalker- $20
Musha Aleste- $200

Shadowrun, not in the best condition, age has taken its toll- $40. Fyi, thats rust on the manual staples, not coke.

Take all the Genny/MD stuff for $300 shipped.

Shining Soul 2: $90, amazing condition
Minish Cap- has some wear, $40

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