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I wrote to WorkingDesigns about making a translated Sam Sho RPG port and this is what the wrote back:

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. Working Designs is a
fan-driven company, so we appreciate hearing your ideas about potential
future projects. I will forward your suggestions to our licensing

Best regards,

Nicole Huggins
Media Relations Manager

This is cool cuz WD has the best US ports ive ever seen with awsome box art, manuals, CD art, game upgrades,ect ect.

If you have a game you wish to see ported then just write to them or request the same as i did and lets have Sam Sho RPG in english ported by the great WD team.



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Not to try to bust your bubble, but this will not happen.

If you remember a few years back, they had a surpirse release coming. Well, that surprise release was suppose to be SSRPG. They could never come to terms with SNK, so it did not happen. Do not know if things would be different with Aruze though!

Personally, I think they were just trying to be nice. I sincerely doubt that WD will ever publish it (even if they did, it will probably take years to get it transalated to their liking, ex lunar 2) Would be nice though...

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Never hurts to try thoe.
Like the Konami forum is still going on with the Snatcher and Policenaughts requests.

It would be nice thoe if there was a english version of SSRPG and WD looks to be the only ones that can possibly do it at this time.

MAN, I had no idea WD had even ever considered such a project as SSRPG. Oh boy, if they did, I would be so first in line to buy that game. I am a big fan of Lunar, and I am positive they could turn SSRPG into one of the biggest hits on the next gen platforms.

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Im a huge fan of Lunar ever since the Sega CD came out with it and the PS version was a miracle made come true by WD.
True masterpiece job done by WD and ive never seen no video game made with soo much effort like:
added bonuses like Audio cd, cloth map, the making of lunar CD, hardcover artbook, artistic box cover for the jewl case with a flip panel with more lunar anime art and great designed game CDs.

I was first online at my gameshop to pick that one up and will be the first agian to pick up Lunar 2.

Man, thats why i thought "what the hell" when emailed WD to consider doing SSRPG.
Its possible so if ya wish you can email them too about the same or any request.
Remember that snk/Aruze isnt doing hardly much (i think) right now so they may let WD do the translation.
I just would like to keep up the hope for the possibilities so email them.
Couldnt hurt.


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Who knows... What would really be cool for WD to work on is a compilation called "The Missing" it could include emulators and translated games like:

Y's IV - The Dawn of Y's (PC Engine Duo)
Samurai Shodown RPG - (Neo Geo CD)
Emerald Dragon (PC Engine Duo)

And the like... Kind of like what Falcom did with the classics...

BTW: I have a preordered copy of Lunar 2 w/ Puppet that I will be selling on Ebay starting at .99. Yeah, I love Lunar - alot - but I love Neo-Geo more :-)
As stated in the unrelated topic, I didn't like the lunar for the PS. I much prefer Lunar 1 and 2 for sega cd. I also own Saturn and Neo Geo cd versions of SSRPG. Maybe that's why I am lukeworm about this

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Reply by Capcom about Sam Sho RPG:


Thank you for taking the time to correspond with us. We always welcome any questions, comments and suggestions you may have for our company.

Since Samurai Showdown RPG is an SNK game, you would need to contact them to see if the game is going to be ported to the Playstation 2. Also they still retain the rights to all of their game titles. Currently at this time, we do not know if another Marvel Vs. Capcom title will be developed. Good luck and happy gaming!

Best Wishes,
Chris Charles
Capcom Customer Service Representative
(408) 774-0400

Man, that sux but at least i tried.


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Which also rather kills rumours of SNK selling off its franchise rights to Capcom, provided the US division is well-informed. Anyhow, who needs MvC3 when we'll be getting CvS2? Not me at least.

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I e-mailed Working Designs as well, and got a response about half the length of yours, saying the currently have no plans of returning to that project.

And that was that. Bah.
Well, I had a Sega CD way back when, and when I had one all I ever really played was Sewer Shark and Night Trap. If WD had not realeased Lunar on PSX I dont think I, or for that matter alot of people, would have ever known what Lunar is, save some of the more hardcore RPGers. Either way, Lunar 2 is slated for release on PSX on November 17th I think, but that date may have already been changed; at least they are taking the time to produce a quality game.
I really liked Lunar for the Sega cd. Lunar 2 is even better. No offense, but You got to be kidding...You actually liked Sewer Shark and Night Trap? Honestly, I only tried the games once, and threw it on the junk pile...

Let see... great and decent Sega cd game were:

-Lunar 1 & 2
-Space Adventure
-Shining Force cd
-Popful Mail
-Dark Wizard
-Sonic cd
-Sega Classics
-Vay (kind of)
-Mickey Mouse Adventure(or something like it)
-Spider Man (great soundtrack)
-Final Fight

There are others. Can't recollect them now, though. Haven't played the games in a while-except lunar series.

Maybe this post should be on the unrelated topics now
yeah, this might should be in the unrelated topics section.... night trap I actually liked, but everything else I played on Sega CD was crap. Hell, most everything on Sega CD was crap. I was just wowed by actual full motion video in my games. Anyway, you obviously were able to play many more good games than I on the Sega CD, including Lunar. I really did not have mine long enough to get to the good titles before I got rid of it.


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it a shame ss rpg is such a great game (but i cant follow the story due to i cant read japan!) I been wait along time to see a usa version on the neo geo cd! i guess it will not happen!!!!