Dreamcast no video after 2nd test with terra onion MODE


Loyal Neo-Disciple
I installed the mode with no storage and my dreamcast booted to the mode screen.
I then placed some content on the usb stick and inserted it and powered on the dc.
Then no video or sound.
All main led comes on, mode and usb leds flash.

I replaced the optical drive and it behaves like its trying to read a disc and seeks when the close button is held in.

I tested the mode in another dreamcast no issues.

I swapped the working dcs power supply no luck.
But really did not expect much when the optical drive was seeking as normal.
Dont think it really alive just the sub routine of the disc drive. I cant blindly start enough to see the vmu load anything on its screen.

No video or sound with vga box or rgb out.

This is a launch Japanese model with 20 plus pin region chip in it. Maybe the region chip caused something to fail after the 2nd power up?

Any pointers would be great thanks.