Dominated Mind?


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going through the Japanese Neo Geo site i found this link for a game called Real Bout
ominated Mind
Here are some pics





It kind of looks like Real Bout 2 because Alferd is playable but it looks like it has a FMV opening. Was it perhaps an unreleased PS-X Real Bout game?


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no this game WAS released about 2 years ago,on japanese normal and DELUXE edition..that is where Alfred 1st appeared as playable
Yeah. I own the game. It's fairly good, believe it or not. The opening anime is cool, and the game is very playable, for a PS. I definitely recommend this to Neo Geo fans!
The load time is fairly decent. As for 2 player, it's not that bad as well. Maybe the load time was around 8 sec? per match. I have to double check. Believe it or not, it was one of several games that I took it back from my place, this week, so I can play it again. It's been a while. I can post further info, when I play the game again.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention the fMV opening. I don't have to play it again to remember this: You see Terry & Andy fighting. When Terry gets distracted by the plane floen by Alfred, Andy takes the opportunity, and jump attacks Terry (Andy always does that!). Terry saves Andy, while Alfred successfully brings the plane up, albeit w/ difficulty. Then you see both Terry& Andy watching the plane fly off. Then comes Mai & other chr doing their moves/poses. It's like watching an anime. Fairly cool in my opinion...It's just as good as the real movie like FMV from the FF: Wild Ambition fro PS.
Just one more thing. The first pic you see is when Alfred and Terry duke it out. Terry somehow survives Alfred's move, and does the Power Geizer on him...that's when the FMV ends.
Sorry. It's one of more rare games in my opinion. I only see this game, once in a while, on ebay. Infact,if you want to see more pics, go to completed auction. A guy in Germany was selling it. You can see the cd covers, and other pics...
I have no idea. I have the standard edition. The second disc was included for the limited edition. I am guessing more extra omake- more FF gifts. Can anybody verify this?

Finally, I played the game again. It's still fairly good. The load time is between 8-10 sec. There is super cancel in the game. Also, it's 2D background-no dodging I think. And there is bunch of extras like chr profile, where it shows personal history, data, bgm, moves (you can actually test out the various sounds of their moves). And chrs can get extra super special moves. For ex. Terry now has that extra super special in KOF (forgot the name of his movie). You can save and see individual ending movies and more. Also, you can play as the Puppet Master using a code-too cheesy and basically not that playbale. There are more, but you probababy get the picture.

Bad point: Chr voices are tinny and muffled. Various details are lost as well (Mai has no mouth?), but it's acceptable.

BTW from that chr profile, Terry is still only 29 years old. He was born in 1971. That means MOTW is set in 6 years from now. I guess they had to do that to include Rock and others in...