Does the JP Neo cart system allow blood without codes for Samurai Shodown?


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I own the US version Neo cart system, yet my SS games don't have blood. Does the Japanese system already have the blood in the games without the use of codes?

If so, I think I'll pick up a JP cart system from SuperSellers.



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Why spend so much buying another cart system. Save some money, & get yours modded. Then you'll have all the blood + the debug bios which in a lot of ways works like the older game genie's. Unlocks special characters/levels/credits, etc.
Well Nick does have a point there, I personally dont know how much it costs, but it does the same thing as having a japanese system would; I believe Jeff Kurtz does those kinds of modifications. Only thing, if what you want is to have a complete, unaltered system that will display the things that the US systems dont, then obviously the japanese system delivers- really just depends on what you want to spend.


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I'm interested too.
Do you guys know how much (approx) if I want to mod my system?

I want to get the extra characterlevel/credit like nick said

FYI :My system is Japanese

please let me know