Display brightness


Timid Neo Newbie
Hey all,

I have a question regarding the display I have on my two slot cabinet. I currently have 2x two slot cabinets and a 1 slot cabinet in my garage.

The 2 slot display is much darker than my other 2 slot cabinet, and takes about a half hour to fire up to its max brightness. I have tried adjusting the brightness and contrast pots on the display board, but it doesn’t yield anywhere close to a similar result to my other cabinet about 30 seconds after it fires up.

I’ll try to figure out the display make and model when I get home. But I figured I’d plant the seed.

Do I maybe need to do a cap kit? Or could the display just be going out since it’s over 20 years old?

Thanks everyone!


Timid Neo Newbie
Definitely sounds like time for a cap kit.

Thanks a bunch! I haven’t been able to make it home yet to see what model display it is, but I’m sure there are cap kits available. Do you have a recommendation of where I should get a kit?

I’ve heard about therealbobroberts.net, but apparently their site has been closed as of Oct 2016.