Diggerman a fake ?


I was just wondering if Diggerman is a hacked Version of Diamond Run. Well if u dont know the game is an old arcadegame who is also emulated in MAME. Maybee that explain something.
Well, since Diggerman is a very highly touted "unreleased" cart by NGF, I guess it must be fake- they deal in fake merchandise all the time. Seriously, the game does look like a Dig Dug rip off.


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It's not quite a hack of Diamond Run, but it's essentially the same type of game. But it is an original piece of code.

It's your standard Boulderdash theme, run around collecting gems while carefully dogding falling rocks and monsters. Would've been a nice addition to the NeoGeo library had the graphics, sound and gameplay been developed up to the usual high standards of Neo games, but instead its' basically crap.

I know ppl here are generally anti-emulation, so I won't be crass and post details, but the game is out there to try on a PC if ur curious.

For hardcore collectors, buy any other game before Diggerman. Even those quiz games in Japanese, because even if you can't read the questions at least you have some nice graphics to look at. Diggerman is completely horrid.

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