CRT T.V. help


Geese's Thug
Dec 20, 2011
So my neighbor just "upgraded" to a plasma T.V. and just gave me his old 51" Toshiba 51H83. It was a dream come true since I have been searching for a CRT near me that I could set up for my old games. I nearly jizzed when I put on Super Dodge Ball and heard the subwoofer, I got a huge 90's - early 2000's flashback.

Anyways the thing works great except that the image on the screen will after a few minutes go a little fuzzy as if the resolution drops and then a few minutes later goes back to normal,It then just repeats doing this. I have never worked on one of these T.V.s yet and was hoping that some one here may be familiar with this issue.

Any ideas? Need more info?