Capcom vs SNK 2 announced at TGS already


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No one has posted about it yet, so I might as well bring it up. Capcom announced that CvS2 is in developement now because people complained about their favorite characters not being in CvS. I lost the urls with the announcement, but what I just said sums up all of what capcom said anyways. No reelase dates or any specifics. I'll dig up the urls if someone really wants them (one was on gamespot..the other was a pic of the announcement from the TGS). Anyways, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have mixed feelings about this announcement. Yah, I'm thrilled to know that a sequel with more characters is coming out. On the other hand, I feel like capcom was planning this all along and released CvS as a stop gap to make some quick $$$ while they work on the "real" CvS. That kind of makes me feel ripped off. Oh well.

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Ah, you beat me to it. I just found this out to and came in to post it. This game is gonna kick some butt.


Giga Shock!!
I personally think the information about the game is a little early, but Cacpom does that sometimes. Look how many offshoots SF2 spawned. CE, Turbo, Hyper, SSF2, SSF2T all came out relatively quickly, but with just enough time between so that a fan would buy the current cart on the SNES. Oh well. They know that the fans are eagerly awaiting the sequal and hopefully they took some fan suggestions to heart when they started making the next one. One thing that I do find funny though is that the US version isn't even out and they are talking about a second in the series... That just seems like poor marketing. If I were them I would have been working on the sequal, but kept my mouth shut about it until after the US copy had been out for a month or so. After all, if they are going to put in more characters they have a LOT of work to do. Did any sites mention the release date or did Capcom not commit to that yet?