Cabinet pcb question


King's Dry Cleaner
I have a 1 slot cabinet and am getting a 4 slot big red. I wanted to know being not tech savey, if i can remove the one slot from the old cabinet and put in one of the 512in1 elf pcbs ive found online:

This way I can have some other fighters not from the snk line up..

Ill post pics of my cabs interior shortly.

just thought i could use the cab, monitor and power supply and swap in the above board?

any help is appreciated


Giga Shock!!
1 slot cabs are straight jamma cabs, and you can put any jamma pcb in them

However, the elf multigame boards are notoriously underpowered pieces of shit with all sorts of problems and I wouldn´t recommend one to my worst enemy.

What you will want to get is a cps2 multigame from darksoft. It is not quite ready yet but I reckon you can get one in a matter of couple of months.