Buyer Beware of Buyrite


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I received an email today from Buyrite about the King of the Fighters 2000 preorder and I would highly suggest you not reserve from them. They will take your reserve and hike up the price because they did the same thing with Mark of the Wolves to me. I also heard they did the same with Metal Slug 3. They originally state the final price at around 260.00 then they charge you 350.00. Sounds like a deal to me. yeah right


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Im glad everyone has exsposed the problem people. I was thinking of going to buyrite.
Do you know where I can still get a preorder, that place that has MSX as the only game on their site, sold out....hasnt answered me in several days now.


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If you're talking about NCS, just give them a call on the phone: 718-523-5774. Susan can put you down for preorder of KOF2000, and as Vince said, you should order more than one. This might convince Aruze to put more home carts out . . . who knows. I'm getting two of them myself, just as I did with MS3.

And Shawn, you also should call them up instead of emailing them . . . they're probably a bit busy now, and if you talk to Susan she can set you up . . . she's really quite nice.


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Yeah never buy from

They made me wait 2 weeks because they claimed they had to let my US postal money order clear. A postal money order is as good as cash. They always try to BS you and change prices on you. Deal with NCS.


YEAAAAH Ncs Rocks: been buying from them for
a few years now, and yes susan is quite nice
when she's not too busy! calling is better
very professional.


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NCSX has never done what Buyrite does and that's to hike up the price as soon as the game gets hard to find. They simply sell the game for the lowest amount until the game is gone. Buyrite will raise the price on people the day before the game comes out and then people will have waited to late to reserve some where else.


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Well as the new saying goes now....

When you're buying from buyrite, You're not buying right.