bulge issues with unidentified 29"monitor


Timid Neo Newbie
ihave my astro city running with an unkwnon 29 " monitor and a wei ya 828 chasis

tried everything to fit the image inside the screen , last resource, changed hwidth potenciometer to 2k instead of default 5k.. it works.

but now that i can see the whole image ... it looks out of center (its alligned top left) -- could tthis issue be related to the fact that the chasis is for 28" oinches? looks sharp and bright but out of center.

and the bigger problmen is...! .... bulge! it looks like it has some sort of cancer. image looks symetrical but deformed. could this be a caps issue?

this weekend probably i will test the monitor with 2 more chasis .... one for big screens (aego?) and the other 828 from my ok baby.....

astro capture.PNG