brionvega doney TV


Kuroko's Training Dummy
Anyone know anything about these Brionvega TV's?

I picked up a doney model at a thrift for $10.

It has a SCART socket and works on 115V 60 hz which is weird because all the models I see on the itnernet are 220v 50.

It's very stylized design, I hooked up my SNES to it via RGB SCART and it works, but no scanlines.

here are some pics. 21.21.21.jpg 21.21.28.jpg 21.21.46.jpg

I mostly got it because it looks cool, works on North American powe rand had RGB.

Never imagined I'd find a SCART enabled telly in Canada.



Mickey's Coach
That's an incredible find. I'd get one of those instantly if I found one, it's such a great shape. Really neat to see SCART on a USA set too.