Boxed Neo Home Cart AES System and game bundle


Leona's Therapis,
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Oct 31, 2001
This isn't mine, but TonK's. He's a banned member here due to political issues, but he's a tops seller that I highly endorse, here's what he has to say:

I have a Boxed JPN AES with 1 Joystick and all the hookups!


NAM-1975 US AES Excellent

Magician Lord US AES Excellent

Baseball Stars US AES Excellent

Samurai Spirits JPN AES NM

Samurai Spirits 2 JPN AES

Samurai Spirits 3 JPN AES NM

Super Baseball 2020 JPN NM

+ Another Spare Joystick!

$525 shipped or we can set up us some kind of trade...

Looking for SNES stuff...

You can PM him or reach him at