Best fighting game background


Master of Disguise,
What are everyones top ten all-time favorite Neo fighting game backgrounds?
Mine are (in no particular order):

Downpour stage (KOF 99)
Zantetsu's galleon (Last Blade 1)
Kaede's stage (Last Blade 1)
Griffon Mask's wrestling ring (MotW)
Terry's train stage (MotW)
Genjuro's wheat field (SS2)
Wan-Fu's stage (SS2)
Nicotein's stage (SS2)
Tam Tam's Green Hell stage (SS1)
Mai's Aquarium (FF3)


today forever
good one,mate !!


lemme think....

too many for fucks sake !!

a couple off ss2

fields of wheat and the temple

the abandoned temple in kof 98
and its original form in kof 95

the bosses cave in kof 96
(love them two girls that mr big always
displays,that cheeky bald cunt )


the tower stage in Kizuna

the river stage in Ninjamasters

oh good lord,
almost EACH AND EVERY off Garoudensetsu special

the one on the raft ( mai's stage )
and the one in venice / rome / pisa / milan



germany stage in real bout special



the big lizard stage in galaxy fight
( nick,this one for yer,eh?? )

there are shitloads tho


( the "snk animated and cool backgrounds are
shit hot compared to them capcom useless bgs" dpt )
I am quite fond of the background in Samurai Showdown 4 of the second stage which is, if I am not mistaken, of the burning town. Very good effects, but then again, that;s about par for the course on the neo.


B. Jenet's Firstmate
I haven't played the game yet but the backgrounds on Last Blade 2 look amazing, I would say maybe the best on the system.


Baseball Star Hitter
Burning house in LB2
Shoreline in Sam Sho 4
Graveyard in LB2
Burning town in Sam Sho 4
Top of train BG from MotW
Plantation with rain effect in KoF 99
Rimaruru's BG from Sam Sho 3 (snowy woods and house)
Forest in LB2
I remember LB1 had some good BGs as well, but I haven't played it in a while so I can't recall specifics. Same can be said for Ninja Master's.


B. Jenet's Firstmate
I like the Sunset on the water in Garou Mark of the Wolves. I also like the Boat on the water in King of Fighters 98.

Neo Bomber Man

Miracle Seller, , ,
Keeping it to ten, in no particular order:

Green Hell (Samurai Shodown)
The Waterway (Kizuna Encounter)
Hokkaido (Samurai Shodown)
Semi-finals (The King of Fighters '97)
England (The King of Fighters '94)
Japan (Hanzo; World Heroes 2)
Norway (World Heroes 2)
Devil's World (Samurai Shodown II)
Italy (Fatal Fury 2/Special)
Versailles (Samurai Shodown)

Honourable mention, if I may:
Chichi & Nene (Shin Oh Ken)


Crossed Swords Squire
Haohmaru's background in SS3 is pretty nice (cherry blossoms). Khoshiro's background in SS3 is also pretty impressive.


Cheng's Errand Boy
Chizuru '96 (hate her, LOVE her bg)
Japan'98 (the literal street fight)
Orochi New Face Team '97
Moryia LB
Bad-ass Kagami LB
Kuroku SS2
Yuri AOF2
Jubei SS2
Haohmaru SS2 (Gairyu Isle is classic)
Jubei FFS